• Roger P. Sherman, M.D.

Majority of 'Cash' Based Suboxone Clinics at Risk of Closing

On August 1, 2020, a new law ( goes into effect in Tennessee that will greatly improve the quality of care patients suffering from pain pill / heroin addictions receive from doctors. On this date, House Bill # 1980 / Senate Bill # 1938 becomes law and serves to greatly curtail 'pill mills' that are providing buprenorphine based Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to patients on a cash basis without accepting Tenncare / Medicaid insurance.

As a medical doctor who treats opioid addictions, I've been taking Tenncare / Medicare / Private Insurance since 2016. Initially, I was one of two doctors in middle Tennessee who provided care to insured and uninsured patients. The differences in patient outcomes (between insured patients and 'cash' patients) was clear, with insured patients having a higher success rate in my treatment program. This is easy to understand since budgets are tight and when it comes to buying clothing or food for a family vs. seeing the doctor for addiction care, the family understandably wins out. Unfortunately, such a decision can result in disastrous consequences. Many patients, who do not engage in regular addiction treatment, end up overdosing and in some instances dying.

The new law will force these 'cash only' clinics to either close down or come up with a new business model.

Compassionate Recovery Care will continue to provide high quality, affordable care for our patients. We are not at risk of being closed down and will continue taking insured patients. Give us a call today at (615) 674-0909 to schedule an appointment.

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